Still having problems

If I search for a sentence on just one random product description I have one my site 9 pages appear in google search results... full of hacked pages... even from university websites... this will take me for ever.

Also who would I even sue... the hacked pages that redirect (still unsure if it just redirect real visitor and still shows googlebot the spammy text). The whois for the spam fake outlet sites have either private whois or names such as wang tingting who is from the organization Beijing.

On a seo point of view will my site be okay? Before this @#$%^& came along google had nicely indexed all my site content for months..

The other mashed up pieces of paragraphs and sentences on the hacked pages if you search "" for those you get the same thing hundreds and hundreds of more hacked pages... seems like this is a HUGE problem!

PS also scared to add anything new to my site in fear the spammers scrape and post that before google has chance to index my original content.

(My content has better grammar... thna my lousy grammar here)

Seo. small buisness are the ones the lose!

 Spammers have churn and burn sites.. they do not care if their website gets pushed off.. it is easy come easy go with them. But small businesses are being targeted and destroy in the search results for the littlest of things and now a phenomenon known as negative seo which taking the internet by storm is really destroying the small guys once and for all!

Some people are arguing that by writing great quality content you can get natural white hat links which in effect help combat negative seo for small businesses.... that the stupid answer to the problem of negative seo ever... google uses links to know what is good and popular and what is not otherwise you could just create a program too construct "good quality content! based upon a formula. Tom, dick and harry s great content will not be found without links no matter how great it is... Tom dick and harrys local small businesses need exposure then form major websites to drive traffic and potential linkers but if they haven't invented anything new the likelihood of that happening is very unlikely. Plus apart from boosting heir search engine rankings nobody will care... only search engines really if these are small businesses like plumbers... customers want a good plumber not a good writer. And all of this being said... content rippers and spammers nick peoples content all day long posting extracts on spammy pointless pages (in the millions) causing duplicate content issues... small businesses just cannot win with google!

Should you no follow all your outbound links on your site?

 I have been reading on forums and what not about people wondering as to whether you should no follow all your links on your site to stop your site being penalized... Well the simple answer is No you shouldn't!

You get credit form the search engines from recommending sites... By no following it you essentially telling google and other search engines for that matter that this isn't a site you recommend (no follow created for user generated non editorial stuff).... so no benefit.

Wikipedia may do it... but does google simple revert all there link to do follow specifically? Is wikiepdia ranking so highly because of all the "do follow" links pointing to it..;possibly....

It also has got to be said that no following all your links maybe seen as page rank hoarding.... which might look bad.

Having lots of do follow good link on your site can be a good thing and will not decrease your page rank!

Joomla has to be the worst content managment system

I installed joomla from the joomla website a few weeks ago and I have not yet added anythign else to it like pgunis or themese however the stupid website has already been hacked that how rubbish joomla is. I cannot beleive it I host my site on a really secure host from godaddy and have not added anything except from the latest joomla to my website and that it... And now i have thousands of hidden pill pages created and spam links created to them.. that it joomla has officially kille dmy website bfore I have even begun. Makes me wonder if these holes in the content management system are put there on purose in order to hack and create thousands of spam links on for seo spam... hmm it is a very lucrative buisness indeed. I really will not be using this peice of rubbish ever again. It really is slow and to complicated to even work out how to use it... not because I am dumb I know php but because the way joomla works is really tediuos and stupid.

SEO and internet marketing

Internet marketing and seo is a tedious business you can work and work yet still make no money you need a bit of luck really to compete with he internet giants that now rule over the internet. My advise would be to you to not give up or get disheartened by the fact that on the search engines amazon and ebay seems to easily dominate result after result whereas your site is nowhere to be seen. Just keep at it and eventually google and the search engines will have to take notice of your website. Search engine optimization is not standing still and your business shouldn't stand still too make sure that you are constantly adapting and have plenty of traffic sources so you aren't that reliant on search traffic as you want some income whilst you build up your seo and rank as ranking can take months.... at least having some income coming in will keep you motivated and on track at least!

Government backs Police and crime commissioners powers to be able to sack chief constables

The guys over in the houses of parliament have said that they support the ability for Police and crime commissioners powers to be able to sack chief constables in power.

Due to the major controversy surrounding the ability for PPC's to sack chief constables recently and with persistent criticisms by others in the houses of commons, ministers have made it clear that there are safeguards in place which will help to monitor and control PCC's powers now and in the future.

The controversy has came about after a Home affairs select committed said that it is very easy for PCC's to sack chief constables for even the most insubstantial of reasons.
The committees pointed out that in two cases where PCC's had sacked a chief of police the reasons for the sacking where scrutinized but the PCC's sacked the chiefs anyway despite this scrutiny.

Despite the committee putting forward this report the home office is adamant that proper protection that the PCC could not abuse their powers was in place.

PCC Martin sURL Argued against the home affairs findings saying that the police chiefs wanted to retire anyway... convenient.

It isn't just the hiring and firing of police chiefs the PCC's do but the PCC'S can also set the budgets of the police to.
Recently the Pccs have taken over 41 policing authority's after elections in November 2012. but with lower than 15% voting turnout it questions the democracy of the whole system.
There are a few issues regarding this new system and power of the PCC's, is it right that a political power can be in charge of the police? Shouldn't the police be unbiased with no political agenda? Will the target setting of the PPC'S effect crime fighting?
There are various issues that surround PCC'S and there decision even though this new system is relatively new there is already a lot of controversy surrounding PCC's decision and concerns that Pcc's are just o powerful especially as a commissioners decision is final.

What do you think are the Police and Crime Commissioners are they just too powerful?

Should politics merge with policing after all what is stopping the Police and crime commissioners political views effecting the way the police address and target crimes.

People stealing my articles

Hello, i recently discovered that someone was scraping and publishing my health articles on their own website as their own. I provide my artcles free for reading on my own blog but what i do not like is when people start stealing and claiming them as there own.
With no source links or anything referring back to my website at all it was quite clear that this website what this website was doing... (I also began researching further to see if anyone else had stolen my articles and it seems so... another website had, foolishly they did not even bother to take my website name out of the article so it read here on muddpr... however they were clever enough to delete all hyperlinks maybe this was thanks to there software they were using). This is blatant copyright infringement and i will be seeking legal advise. please if you are going to use my articles do not just use the whole thing and claim it as your own.. you are allowed to use extracts of certain parts but please provide in a source somewhere that the extract was from muddpr. Thank you.