Still having problems

If I search for a sentence on just one random product description I have one my site 9 pages appear in google search results... full of hacked pages... even from university websites... this will take me for ever.

Also who would I even sue... the hacked pages that redirect (still unsure if it just redirect real visitor and still shows googlebot the spammy text). The whois for the spam fake outlet sites have either private whois or names such as wang tingting who is from the organization Beijing.

On a seo point of view will my site be okay? Before this @#$%^& came along google had nicely indexed all my site content for months..

The other mashed up pieces of paragraphs and sentences on the hacked pages if you search "" for those you get the same thing hundreds and hundreds of more hacked pages... seems like this is a HUGE problem!

PS also scared to add anything new to my site in fear the spammers scrape and post that before google has chance to index my original content.

(My content has better grammar... thna my lousy grammar here)


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