Some products you can buy that will stop foot pain

If you are suffering from foot pain it can really be a pain in the neck.. i mean foot. But now you can walk and stand comfortably thanks to orthotics you never need to worry about foot, cramps pain or plantar fasciitis and heel spurs again. Orthotics can support your foot and make walking more comfy. Not only that they are affordable too. No excuses. People wear orthotics for a wide range of reasons.. some wear them for regular everyday use to ward off foot pain, others maybe professional runners and athlete and use them to prevent injury and to even run faster. All this being said anyone can go out and get a pair for a relatively cheap price. "Yep!"

A diet high in salt increases the risk of osteoporosis and kidney stones


We have long warned people against the damaging effects of a diet too rich in salt and too acidic as the consequences are numerous, as explained in the article "the modern diet is too acidic".

This time researchers at the University of Alberta at the Canada come to show the existence of a protein which controls the absorption and excretion of sodium and calcium in a simultaneous way. Dr. Alexander, who led the study explains: "when our body gets rid of sodium through the urine, our results suggest that it gets rid of calcium at the same time." This result is very important as we bring more in addition to sodium in our diet (via the added salt, Editor's note) which means that we are more in addition to calcium. Our results support the recommendation to a poor supply of salt."

For researchers this work show that the link between sodium and calcium is real and they explain why a diet high in salt increases the risk of osteoporosis and kidney stones. These results could also explain why calcium supplementation is not sufficient to prevent bone fractures.

the Paleo diet why it is healthy


For nutritionists, the Paleo diet, it is the best possible diet.
For Dr. Patrick Serog, the Paleo diet is dangerous for the bones and heart, and impossible to follow. Better keep eating industrial foods.

February 28, a doctor is quizzed about the Paleo diet. And this is what he had to say:

  1. This diet without dairy products puts the health of bones in danger
  2. With this scheme, they eat a lot of meat, which increases cholesterol and acid
  3. The Paleo is impossible to follow long term and when you stop, you are worse than before. better to continue eating a varied foods with industrial food diet

Why this is false

Whole grains: why it is false. Dr. Serog figure 70% share of 'tubers and whole grains, berries nuts. However
A diet without dairy products is detrimental to bone health: why it is false. Dairy products are consumed by humans since 10-12,000 years, they have not been consumed for seven million years. Osteoporotic fractures are extremely rare in the Paleolithic times. Their incidence increases after the agricultural transition to Neolithic. Studies in hunters-gatherers of modern times, especially the aborigines found that fractures of the neck of the femur are very few. Furthermore, the country studies show comparable age, there are infinitely fewer fractures of the femoral neck in populations consuming no dairy products than in those who consume a lot. The traditional diet of Okinawa is a diet without dairy products, with a much lower rate of fractures of the neck of the femur than that known in France. So a healthy diet without dairy products does not harm bone health.

The Paleo diet is a lot of cholesterol and acid: why it is false. First, Paleo is not just eating meat or fish. Analysis of the consumption of 5 African populations living on hunting and gathering shows that the share of meat and/or fish contributes respectively to 26, 33, 44, 48 and 68% of the calories. Meanwhile scientists  have calculated that a paleo diet provided 25 to 29% of the calories in the form of protein, 39 to 40% in the form of carbohydrates, 30 to 39% in the form of fat. Then this type of power supply does absolutely not increase cholesterol, as claimed by Dr. Serog. Hunter-gatherers of modern times are extremely favorable values of blood pressure, blood cholesterol. For acid America, one study compared its level among hunter-gatherers in New Guinea and Swedes. Results: few differences between the two populations, except after 40 years where the level of uric acid is less than 10% of the men and women of New Guinea.

The Paleo diet is impossible to follow in the long term, so in the end it is less healthy than before: why it is false. The Paleo diet is the opportunity to reconnect with the food fashion that humanity has been eating for millions of years: few processed products, lots of plants, meat and fish at the request. The health benefits are often tangible, for example in the form of loss of weight, or improvement of diabetes and cardiovascular health markers. These benefits are an encouragement to continue along the path to a healthier, less processed food, as evidenced by recent examples. The most famous case is that of the American Steve Cooksey, diabetic on insulin, who is completely rid of his illness. According to Robb Wolf, author of The Paleo Solution, about one million Americans would follow a Paleo-type diet.