Joomla has to be the worst content managment system

I installed joomla from the joomla website a few weeks ago and I have not yet added anythign else to it like pgunis or themese however the stupid website has already been hacked that how rubbish joomla is. I cannot beleive it I host my site on a really secure host from godaddy and have not added anything except from the latest joomla to my website and that it... And now i have thousands of hidden pill pages created and spam links created to them.. that it joomla has officially kille dmy website bfore I have even begun. Makes me wonder if these holes in the content management system are put there on purose in order to hack and create thousands of spam links on for seo spam... hmm it is a very lucrative buisness indeed. I really will not be using this peice of rubbish ever again. It really is slow and to complicated to even work out how to use it... not because I am dumb I know php but because the way joomla works is really tediuos and stupid.


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