People stealing my articles

Hello, i recently discovered that someone was scraping and publishing my health articles on their own website as their own. I provide my artcles free for reading on my own blog but what i do not like is when people start stealing and claiming them as there own.
With no source links or anything referring back to my website at all it was quite clear that this website what this website was doing... (I also began researching further to see if anyone else had stolen my articles and it seems so... another website had, foolishly they did not even bother to take my website name out of the article so it read here on muddpr... however they were clever enough to delete all hyperlinks maybe this was thanks to there software they were using). This is blatant copyright infringement and i will be seeking legal advise. please if you are going to use my articles do not just use the whole thing and claim it as your own.. you are allowed to use extracts of certain parts but please provide in a source somewhere that the extract was from muddpr. Thank you.


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