Government backs Police and crime commissioners powers to be able to sack chief constables

The guys over in the houses of parliament have said that they support the ability for Police and crime commissioners powers to be able to sack chief constables in power.

Due to the major controversy surrounding the ability for PPC's to sack chief constables recently and with persistent criticisms by others in the houses of commons, ministers have made it clear that there are safeguards in place which will help to monitor and control PCC's powers now and in the future.

The controversy has came about after a Home affairs select committed said that it is very easy for PCC's to sack chief constables for even the most insubstantial of reasons.
The committees pointed out that in two cases where PCC's had sacked a chief of police the reasons for the sacking where scrutinized but the PCC's sacked the chiefs anyway despite this scrutiny.

Despite the committee putting forward this report the home office is adamant that proper protection that the PCC could not abuse their powers was in place.

PCC Martin sURL Argued against the home affairs findings saying that the police chiefs wanted to retire anyway... convenient.

It isn't just the hiring and firing of police chiefs the PCC's do but the PCC'S can also set the budgets of the police to.
Recently the Pccs have taken over 41 policing authority's after elections in November 2012. but with lower than 15% voting turnout it questions the democracy of the whole system.
There are a few issues regarding this new system and power of the PCC's, is it right that a political power can be in charge of the police? Shouldn't the police be unbiased with no political agenda? Will the target setting of the PPC'S effect crime fighting?
There are various issues that surround PCC'S and there decision even though this new system is relatively new there is already a lot of controversy surrounding PCC's decision and concerns that Pcc's are just o powerful especially as a commissioners decision is final.

What do you think are the Police and Crime Commissioners are they just too powerful?

Should politics merge with policing after all what is stopping the Police and crime commissioners political views effecting the way the police address and target crimes.


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