Avoid plantar faciitis and gain height with height increasing gel insoles that work.

Wanting to prevent yourself from getting plantar faciitis I know just what will help you. Shoe lifts plus with these gel insole you get the added bonus of extra height. Many people use shoe lifts for the fact that they help too boost your height but many people do not know that they height increasing insoles can in fact deter such problems or plantar faciitis and even arthritis because these problem often are due to long term neglect of your feet and by wearing ill fitting and flat insoles.
But shoe lifts have been designed to be built to keep your feet in there natural position which they where designed to be in when you walk, stand, run or jump.
Plantar faciitis is very nasty and it can really hurt and once you get it there is very few cures and ways to ease the pain. Overall it is best to avoid getting it in the first place really. Prevention is cheaper than the cure and that being said the cost of shoe lifts is indeed very inexpensive.
Developed with orthotic features included shoe lifts offer stability and support incomparable to that found in regular insoles. Regular insoles for example are flat and do not offer any arch support and every time you take a step in flat insoles you risk damaging the fragile structure that your foot is made up of.

Orthotic insoles, will provide arch support which will make sure your foots natural position isn't destroyed  remember you have gravity and your body weight pushing down on your feet constantly which may result in a fallen arch. To stop the development of a fallen arch it is very important that in your insoles you have got arch supports.
Also another cool feature that is included in many shoe lifts is the tapered design and that the shoe lifts are often made out of materials such as rubber silicone and, or gel which actually absorb pressure efficiently and can spread pressure which may built up on a certain spot on your foot or heal. Remember if pressure is concentrated on a certain spot over time it gets weakened and brakes take for instance glass.

It is best to start or rather swapping your regular insoles with that of orthotic insoles as soon as you can because as soon as you do this the less damage you will cause and the less chance of you getting plantar faciitis or something similar.

If however you are not bothered about gaining extra height you can just simply buy some gel plantar faciitis insoles.

Okay so i have explained a little bit about how you can avoid such ailments as plantar faciitis by swapping your regular insoles, but now i will be explaining a little more about shoe lifts and height increasing insoles and how they can help you gain height.
If your looking to gain height or not it is a side effect from wearing shoe lifts (well its primary use really).
Shoe lifts first where created for the use as heel lifts for people suffering from leg length discrepancy's where one leg is shorter than the other, using heel lifts could correct this in-balance.
But it has only been in recent times that the common use for shoe lifts has changed to one of gaining height. The height increasing insoles are a affordable and much more preferred way for people to gain height without the hassle or worry of doing loads of stretching exercises which may take up a lot of time and needs to be done consistently to ensure the individual does not revert back to there previous height (results are a lot less in height gain compared to results from height increasing insoles).
I have already mentioned previously about how the shoe lifts have got built in orthotics in them this maximizes comfort as well as support and will also strengthen the muscles around your foot and study's have also shown that height increasing insoles can actually improve posture and make you walk better.
Height increasing insoles are a lot more comfortable to wear than high heels which can leave your feet disfigured if worn to often.

Buying the right fitting insoles is easy but essential. To make sure that you are buying the correct shoe/heel lifts you must make sure that you buy ones in the right shoe size that fit you, also many have a adjustable feature that you can utilize but when adjusting the height make sure that you do not surpass 3 inches as then it starts to get uncomfortable.

As i have just mentioned shoe lifts often come with a adjustable feature included, this adjustable feature that is most commonly a stack system . where by you add and take away stacks to adjust your height is a clever way you can keep in control of your height as well as being able to trick other into thinking your growing naturally simply by gradually increasing the height on the insoles from time to time.

As you can see there is a lot to know about shoe lifts plus there are a lot of benefits from wearing them.

Another added benefit or side effect from wearing these heel lifts is that you may find that they also provide you with more self esteem and confidence which is now needed in today's world. The confidence to speak out and be heard is very important. But it isn't just your own self esteem that will help you be more successful but others too. Recent research has concluded that taller people are more success because of there height in many occasions not because of there ability. This is due mainly to the fact that many people judge taller people as more trustworthy and also thinks that the tall person has more authority as well and therefore gives them more respect. This can be a big advantage in situations such as job interviews where first impressions are very important. In contrast smaller people have a disadvantage when it comes to first impressions because people will automatically judge the individual as untrustworthy plus other negative things even before the person has a chance to speak.
All this being said it is quite clear just how important being tall is. So to say that there is a easy way to get taller is quite good.

You will find many online eBooks or people trying to sell you books or programs to help you grow taller.. often the information in these books is fake or doesn't really offer any innovative, safe or medically tested ways for you to increase your height or the ways can be found for free somewhere else on the internet or from your doctor as surely if they really where safe and free it would be common knowledge or your doctor should know about it at least.

Anyway the other way to grow taller are few.. you may want to buy some elevator shoes instead which are pretty much the same as elevator insoles in what they do but they (most of them) cannot be adjusted in height and the heel is noticeably tall. Plus you are stuck with just one pair of shoes if you choose to only buy one pair  but with height increasing insoles you can actually easily swap the insoles in and out of any of your shoes or boots whenever you want....
Another way to grow taller is stretching exercises... there isn't anything wrong with this method and will improve your posture and decompress your spine and in effect will make you taller. But what if you already have got good posture? What if you just don't have the time to do the exercises each day? Also something else to consider is that the results from height exercises is quite minimal really compared to that of shoe lifts and plus it can take along time to show.
What you  could do for maximum benefit is to do both wearing some height increasing insoles as well as doing stretching exercises such as yoga or even just swimming can help you increase your height too... this will mean that your getting healthy, improving your posture and increasing your height naturally plus with the added height the shoe lifts will give you the results will be considerable.

The height increasing insoles are invisible this is because unlike elevator shoes or even high heels the heel is invisible because it is hidden away in side your shoes so it makes it impossible for other people to even know that you have got them on... This is why not many people even know about shoe lifts because they never see them and people never tell people that they are wearing them ever.

"Shoe lifts can save you a lot of time."

"The height you could gain with a pair of shoe lifts can be 3 inches. Which is quite a lot if you think about it!"

In conclusion
The best and most comfortable way for you to increase your height is by wearing shoe lifts... i cant really say it much more simply than that can I?

If you have got any more questions or that i have not explained in this article please comment below and i will makes sure that i answer your question the best i can. Or you can post about your feedback if you have worn them yourself.

Where can you buy shoe lifts heel lifts or height increasing insoles from? Online website often sell them, just search on google and you will find a big selection of online retailers which sell them like this one:

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